using your finger in a doorbell pushing movement to see if your partners arse is ready to be probed..if they answer your in!
by mizz spent youth February 28, 2004
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Stimulating the ball shaped thing deep inside a woman's vagina. You gotta have long fingers to do it.
"Last night I was ringing the bell for my girlfriend and she sprayed all over my futon. It was awesome!"
by Big Thor April 21, 2009
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Its english slang... For 'it sounds familiar... But i can't for the life of me remember!!... It rings a bell... '
'Ann... Or was it Annelise... I can't remember... But it rings a bell!
by Matteoohh December 31, 2016
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to cause something to surface in one's memory
Does what I just said ring a bell?
by Light Joker February 6, 2007
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In what is internally referred to as "The Business" (ie. any of the multitude of direct sales offices that sprung out of DS-Max, Cydcor, Granton, Smartcircle, Credico etc.), this is a term referring to hitting ones sales goal of selling enough to earn $100 personal profit for the day. This can equate to a certain number of sales dependent upon the campaign. For example, if one earns $50 commission per sale and then "ringing the bell" entails closing two sales.

This is not only an idiomatic expression as it refers to the literal ringing of a bell after returning to the office from a day in the field. All reps who earned the minimum $100 profit ring a large bell signifying their results and are congratulated by their fellow sales reps in a raucous, high-energy ceremony.
Rep 1: How did you do today?

Rep 2: I did alright, I closed $129 in profit!

Rep 1: Hell yeah, go on ring the bell man!

*High fives ensue*
by 'ice' October 20, 2014
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To severely hit or smack another person. One is usually in the hurt bag after having their bell rung. See dial tone.
Damn, when Frank told the chick that she was fat, she just rang his bell right there in the bar. Man, he hit the floor!
by Frank Klaune March 30, 2005
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