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Probably the most shitty school district in south-western Pennsylvania. Going to their high school proves that a person can actually survive 180 horrible 8 hour days without any natural sunlight.
Tom: wow ringgold is such a hell hole.
by chris zilla June 12, 2007
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It must be something in the name "Ringgold" because Ringgold is a shitty town in Northern Georgia. The whole town's population is 2,422. The main attraction in Ringgold High School, that is about it next to cow pastures and poverty.

Dolly Parton and her husband as well as George Jones and Tammy Wynette were married in Ringgold, GA.

The city has traditionally been a "marriage center" because of the short waiting time after blood tests; one testing laboratory in the community offers a combination test/wedding package and sells clocks with the inscription "I got married in Ringgold, Ga." (If this gives you an idea about the quality of the people).

This town literally is HELL! The town (as a whole) is stuck in the mindset of 1865 where racism and discrimination and anyone who thinks "outside of the box" is frowned upon.

There is also an abundance of teen pregnancies in Ringgold. Rumor has it that it is something 'in the water' so don't drink it if you don't want to become fertile Myrtle.

There is no diversity, with a staggering 91% Caucasian (of the town) and 96% Caucasian at the high school.

A lot of the people who graduate from Ringgold High School do not go to college and stay around town for the rest of their lives. I know Ringgold is not appealing so they must be sucked into some kind of Ringgold vortex.

Also, there is a massive amount of rednecks/country people at the high school and around town. Dip, cowboy boots, and Dixie Outfitters tee shirts pretty much sums up this town and high school.
"My Mom told me we are moving to Ringgold Georgia!"
Reply: Bitch you better make sure you do everything you can to not come here.

"Moving to Ringgold is a death sentence."

"I am pregnant!"
Reply: "Stupid bitch! You are only 13!!! You must have drunk the water!"
by PrestonL February 29, 2008
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This city is actually not so bad. I know this because I am from here. Nobody is actually racist in this area, we do not have drug problems, they are rarely any teen pregnancies, nobody is a wigger, it is a good thing to think out of the box, tons of people try to go to college after they graduate high school here, just because we have more Caucasians here than other races doesn't make us racist. We are not old fashioned at all, we are up to date with all of the electronics in all of the other places.
Guy 1: How is Ringgold been for you?
Guy 2: Pretty good, been having a good time.
by idk676 December 06, 2010
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A small town in North Georgia where it is more important to spend high school funds to expand the gymnasium than it is to purchase and provide critical text books (e.g. Algebra) to their students.

Ringgold, setting high standards for lowering the bar on student education. Glad to see they have their priorities in the right place.
In ~2007 Ringgold High School administration initiated a construction project to build a new 'auxillary' gymnasium, expand the cafeteria, and add additional offices. Yet they failed to provide Algebra text books to their students. Text books could only be used in class and could not be taken home (to perform such basic functions as 'homework').
by ba-dunka-dunk May 17, 2009
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A tiny town in the very North-West corner of Georgia. Middle aged and elderly people who will never get out of Ringgold like to think of it as a charming place to live. They enjoy attending the various festivals that are held in a futile attempt to make the town seem like it is in any way interesting. The truth is, Ringgold is merely a suburb of Chattanooga. A place where people who work at Unum or Enterprise South sleep in between shifts.

In recent years, Ringgold has tried to market itself as a place of historic significance, in the hopes of feeding off some of Chattanooga's success in the tourism business. This has been a complete failure.

Ringgold is full of Evangelical Christians, homophobia, and teen pregnancy. People who claims not to see this are lying to themselves. Ringgold is like a vortex, even if you think you've finally escaped, it just sucks you right back in.

No one who lives outside of Ringgold knows what the hell it is.
Person no. 1: I'm finally getting out of Ringgold! New York city, here I come.
Person no. 2: Good luck with that. You'll be back here sharing our misery son enough.

~4 months later~

Person no. 2: Oh, what are you doing back here? I thought you said that you were getting out of Ringgold.
Person no. 1: FUCK OFF!
by starsandjars April 03, 2011
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adj; Being both unbelievably ignorant as well as arrogant about your own ignorance as well as literally everything else. Originated from the town of Ringgold, Georgia to describe the general aura of the residents.
"That bitch is so Ringgold, she looked at me with that disgusted expression because of the Bernie sticker on my car."
by Johnny Cochran III July 06, 2017
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