An economy car that has been "pimped out". These cars are usually Japanese like Honda. However, some can be from other countries (Ford Focus, Pugeot, Volkswagens). Some of these cars are not tottally lame, those earn the distinction of being import tuners. Unlike tuners, ricers focus on looks oposed to prefromance. Many of them have oversized, useless spoilers and muffler tips. Garish color schemes and decals often adorn these cars. Many times, ricers will have manufacturer decals and badges that son't represent the real eqquiptment.
Dude, that lame ass Honda ricer sucks. He's got a NOS badge on it, but I bet the second he uses NOS, if he even has it, that wimpy little 4 cylinder will melt.
by northendwhitetrash May 20, 2007
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form 1. noun - a person who takes a car (regardless of make) puts more money in rims/body kit/tint/ etc. than he does on performance parts. usually attempts to avoid the tag "ricer" by adding a cold air intake, and hood scoop. will idiotically challenge any car(including police cars) to drag race because they think their "ride" is fast.

form 2. noun - a car that barely manages to do the quarter mile in under 20 seconds, hits 0-60 in 9 seconds because it weights 1000 pounds, yet looks like an f16. DO NOT mistake this car for an f16...because f16s can go over 90 mph without breaking down on the highway
"all the little boys and girls looked in amazement as bobby's "tricked out" 1992 honda civic pulled up next to a stock 2006 honda civic. Bobby challenged the old lady behind the wheel to a drag race by revving his engine twice. she quickly accepted, and as the green light came on, they were off. With a loud "boom" bobby's ricerocket backfired blew a cloud of blue and lost him the drag race, and more importantly earned him the tag 'ricer' "
by elv September 3, 2006
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1. Anyone who thinks they know shit about cars but are usually wrong and make an ass out of themselves.
2. People who exagerate what their car is capeable of or claim it has beaten cars that it has no way in hell of beating.
3. Someone who thinks 39.99 Candian Tire add-on parts are "cool".
1a. Yeah, my golf redlines at 8700rmp!
1b. Honda's don't need their brakes bled! They have special system! - ricer
Get the fuck outta my garage! - me
2. Yeah so I beat a G35 off the line then I killed a RX8! - this guy owned a 1.5 Civic. BONE STOCK 1.5 Civic!
3. Dude check out that $40 neon light bar they got at Canadian Tire! I need that!
by Mr. Mopar December 10, 2006
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a car that is customized to the point of extreme overkill.

some rice upgrades:
Fart Pipe Exhaust
clear lights; NOT on a Toyota Altezza
weird graphics
enough sponsor decals to stone an elephant from the glue
roof scoop (on a front-engined car)
ground effects body kit that is still the same color as the car it was previously on
false custom from grill; badge pried off with a flathead screwdriver
Le-Mans caliber spoiler, just looks crappy without *good* body kit
neon lights (different colors on each side, under the front and back)

black hood/trunk (not a real carbon-fiber hood, just interior painted)
rims that are too large or painted a completely random color
low suspension caused by cutting of the shocks (bad idea with convertibles, because hitting a speed bump can shoot you over the Empire State Building)
spinner rims (on anything but an Escalade? COME ON)

people often think that some cars are immune from ricehood. not true. here are some examples of good cars, and what could make them rice.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
white car, red muscle car stripes, blue rims, double roof scoop
Toyota Supra Mk-4
purple car, skull on side, black hood
'96 Impala SS
"Donk" style (fugly)
it is possible to have a custom import, even a Civic, without it being a ricer
by TigPuff June 23, 2009
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1. An immature driver (who usually drives import cars, but have been known to drive dodge neons and ford contours as well), who "tricks out" their car with mostly useless modifications like a 6 inch exhaust, and an unreasonably large spoiler.

2. Any car with any combination of these mods. an unnecessarily large exhaust, unreasonable large spoiler, lambo doors, stickers to products they didn't actually purchase, big rims, body kits to make the car appear lower.

3. Spmeone who always drives around like their car's the "best mothafuckin car on da planet," and talk like they'll race and beat anybody, but when actually challenged to a race, back down and make excuses.

Sometimes they will actually race, and almost always get their ass kicked. Then after the race, they will either drive off upset and act like there was some great injustice delt to him, or just make lame excuses like "i would have won if my VTEC was working"

4. Stupid kid who's seen "the fast and the furious" way too many times
I beat this ricer badly, and then he told me that his headers weren't heading right, and his engine computer has a virus. What a tool.

I saw a badly riced out honda the other day with a spoiler the size of my kitchen table.
by Jason Be January 7, 2008
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A person with a car(usually a Honda)who has spent more on visual modifications than they pay in apartment rent each year. They are usually aged between 18-30. They belive they are hot shit untill ask to race them, then they chicken out because they only have a stock 1.6L inline four engine.
See that ricer over there with the Civic? I'll bet he has a small penis.
by Alex February 8, 2004
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A Ricer:
A ricer is the person who drives a stock car, with extras that if anything slow the car down and make it less aerodynamic. (body kit, spoilers you name it) Yet it looks 'Sick/phat' - So its cool!!! - buts its slow.

How to identify a ricer driver: The typical driver of a riced up car, can be identified by the secondary monster tacho mounted where everyone can see it.

This is because the dick hanging from their forehead interferes with the perfectly good, stock tacho mounted conveiently in the dash cluter. And for those who dont know; the shift light is because they cant use their periferal vision.

They are incapable of reading the tacho and looking where they are going at once. They need a warning light (shift light) to tell them, their stock lancer engine, is about to explode and its time to change gears. Thank god for the monster tacho!

I think that sums it up...
by Ibsn87 November 6, 2005
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