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Used in the comedy Off Centre starring Sean Maguire. The telling of how funny a joke is.
Thats quite a rib tickler!
by stuey2805 April 03, 2005
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Being able to tickle a womans ribs with your penis after insertion.
Mike stuck his penis so far into Rigels vagina that she laughed with joygasms while gave her a rib tickler...
by brandonbman November 26, 2006
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It's when a homo inserts his dick into his partners colostomy orrofice plunges deep. thus a "RIBTICKLER"
Bob rammed Serge in his new hole .Serge laughing with pleasure thus the ribtickler.
by j.randolf September 21, 2009
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Very high waisted jeans or pants that contact the rib cage
I bought a pair of Levi's low-rise 510's online, turns out, they were not low rise, but actually a rib tickler.
by tat2dfreak June 22, 2019
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