A person that is megaly hot and sexy in every way
omg that guy is like so spare ribs
by betren May 15, 2011
It is a Quote made by an Angry-Skeleton, Shouting at a Non-Intellectual
Person for not knowing what his Favorite Snack was, Therefor causing
the said Skeleton to get Angry at the Non-Intellectual...

The Real Video was Officially made by Tom Schalk on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Instagram,
But there was a Repost by MochasAssault in YouTube on the 19th of Jan 2020...
The Original Quote By Tom Schalk:
RIBS! (Moment Of Pause) Spare Ribs! (Gesture Of Silence) Fuck!
But Here Is My Style Of Saying It:
Ayo Where The Fuck Are My Ribs! Yo Jamal, Bring Me The Spare Ribs!
by No_CuzYNot March 28, 2021
The act of punching a waiter in the ribs for not knowing what chinese spare ribs are.
You mean to tell me, you don't know what Chinese spare ribs are? Let me show you man
by Germ Servo September 11, 2018
A Lezzer, prepherably a pair, of lezzers are often refered to as "Spare Rib Ticklers", Wich originated from women who have there spare ribs are able to 'kiss (& more)' "themselves"
by Teenster June 16, 2007