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Riaz: A term used to refer to skilled skateboarders with tight jeans and cute faces.
Riazs can be found on any kind of concrete, skateboarding.
Betty: "Did you see that guy going down the street?"
Sally: "Nope."
Betty: "He was a total riaz."
Sally: "Ooooooh."
by godyourfaceisgreasy May 12, 2007
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An amazing, caring, protective,kind hearted person and is a brilliant,father who is always there for his children no matter what .riaz always goes out of his way to help people because he has a pure heart and he never gives up and he is short tempered and sometimes does wrong things for the right reasons . Riaz means (the protector of roses ) Riaz is an eternal stud who mesmorizes people with his humble opinions. Riaz is blessed with so much of love from his wife and children and tends to be over protective and sometimes ignorant over his blessings. Riaz is a bubbly ,witty , hardworking and intelligent person who always makes a plan .You will never find a person as genuine as Riaz so if you do keep them close as they will be there for you all the time and are the best type of person you would ever meet.
Sumaya : shazia look at that guy with his wife and children is such a riaz
by Genuine A.A March 13, 2019
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A perfect guy perfect with girls beginning with "s" they usually love animals and anime
"Do u like him "
"Yes he's so perfect"
"Do you know his name "
"No but it has to be riaz "
by Lovethispin September 12, 2017
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a legendary professor, usually with massive glasses and a sqeaky voice
person 1: That some legendary endocrinology professor we got there! So siiick!
person 2: Yeah, he's a riaz

A riaz: ...21 hydroxylase deficiency.
by notsoslick March 08, 2010
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A Peacock (A word used for batty people: Refer 2 the word batty for more details)
by Muvafukin - G February 26, 2005
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In the gay community, short for "Reamed his Ass."
Gay dude 1: Yo, did you give Venom an ass pounding?
Gay dude 2: Yea, I totally Riaz'd that shit.
by Starkles April 18, 2009
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A person who lacks character and success and sucks of any guy he see's on the street for money
That guy is a real Riaz
by Kant Bitch February 13, 2017
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