A term used to describe a genius. A person who is exceptional at everything they do.
by Paulious September 8, 2006
Born under the Libra sign, a beautiful soul, self taught, from good stock. Infectious smile and laugh, hilarious, great sense of humor. Kind, patient and understanding. Artistic, creative, and can be a real freak in the bedroom. A real people person, lights up any room and ladies love him. Grateful, appreciative, a great friend. A giver. Open-minded, very intelligent mature and independent.
Reynolds you're such a weirdo but I wouldnt want you any other way!
by MorticiaStarskyPotts January 5, 2015
An intelligent person, he/she never gives up and a very energetic person love making new friends and not shy. Reynold is an English masculine given name derived from an Old High German personal name made up of the elements "ragin" (advice, decision) and "wald" (power, authority).
Go to the Principle, he has more Reynold than me.
by xXSickoXx December 14, 2018
1.A total bullshitter who prefers a fine selection of alcohol preferably Kronenbourg 1664 beer. A reynolds has been famous for its bullshit tales of wisdom and sex. A reynolds wears a Kronenbourg beer hat that he said he received in germany for drinking so much beer.
Reynolds: Yo man I had a total buzz last night and everyone at the party said I was the man.
Friend: They hated you, god you're such a reynolds!

Reynolds: I am the coolest kid in the school and your a loser.
Mike: Dude you left our school because everyone hated you, man you really are a Reynolds!
by RayRay123 January 11, 2008
A term used to describe someone who looks like they are half chipmunk and half human. There cheeks often protrude from the side of thier faces and will usually have long buckish like teeth.
Person 1: Damn that girl has large cheeks

Person 2: Oh yeah! Shes a reynolds.
by 1621122 November 3, 2011
A confused Shanghainese teenage boy who is infamous for his lack of hygiene when it comes to communal lunches. He also offers you his stale food and says quirky odd phrases that dont even make the slightest bit of sense. Is reynold weird? Indubitably.
Guy: Rey! Stop eating from the communal ladle!
Rey: I didn't know!

Rey: Your fatties.....Your fatties.....its a band

Rey: You want my banana?
Me: No
Rey: But I didn't touch it.
by Adzy March 19, 2004