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When you're on skype/videocall and you can hear someone typing furiously on the other end
"mate i was chatting with Mike the other night and he was thundertyping so bad i could not hear what he was saying"
by rayray123 September 16, 2012
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1.A total bullshitter who prefers a fine selection of alcohol preferably Kronenbourg 1664 beer. A reynolds has been famous for its bullshit tales of wisdom and sex. A reynolds wears a Kronenbourg beer hat that he said he received in germany for drinking so much beer.
Reynolds: Yo man I had a total buzz last night and everyone at the party said I was the man.
Friend: They hated you, god you're such a reynolds!

Reynolds: I am the coolest kid in the school and your a loser.
Mike: Dude you left our school because everyone hated you, man you really are a Reynolds!
by RayRay123 January 10, 2008
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