sex position. usually, the woman is on her back, while the man straddles her, penis bent back awkwardly, with his back facing her head. he then rides her like a horse.
It's unfortunate women love reverse cowboy as much as us men love reverse cowgirl, because it's so painful to bend our penises like that.
by Wendy Gregg September 26, 2011
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A sex position whereby the man is lying on his back and the woman is on top riding his cock but facing in the opposite direction.
I'm so tired of the missionary position, let's try reverse cowboy. Giddie up girl, but damn, face the other way, you are ugly.
by JCE December 2, 2005
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sexual position involving two men: one lying supine and the other on top facing away
He does a mean reverse cowboy
by Snoopy Pugh April 18, 2008
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The inequality of the infamous Mexican donkey show, can be equalized with the introduction of the Reverse Cowboy shows.
by Fisher S. Thompson August 31, 2007
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Sexual position in which the guy lays on his back and the girl sits on his cock facing towards his feet. Tends to result in mild queefing.
Guy: I wanna watch TV while we do it.

Girl: So do I, so...

Guy: Okay, let's do a reverse cowboy.
by Plumsouffle March 8, 2010
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When a woman lays on her back, and a man titty fucks the woman backwards so his butt is in her face. As he thrust forward he titty fucks and on the backstroke she licks his butthole!
Hey man I got my girlfriend to do the Reverse Cowboy last night.
by #Stevieboy August 11, 2017
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The most convenient seating position for multitasking two of men's most favorite pass-times: masturbation & a nice long shit. Find steps below:
1.) Preparation- obtain your Sunday newspaper, your iPad, and your moms silky smooth lotion

2.) Location- Migrate to the most isolated and accommodating bathroom in your living space. IMPORTANT NOTICE: make sure your little brother (or his friend) is nowhere to be found.
3.) Positioning- Place such iPad (found in step 1) on tank cover of toilet. Then proceed to place right and left ass cheeks comfortably on toilet seat. MAKE SURE YOU ARE FACING IPAD ON TANK COVER.
4.) Climax- Now that you are properly positioned, find your favorite cyber girl and begin riding that toilet seat like the dirty cowboy you are.
5.) 8=====D-
I yelled "NO! GET OUT" at my little brother's friend when he caught me hittin' the reverse cowboy.
by Pseudo 101 May 11, 2016
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