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when giving a blumpy the reciever (or blumpeé) donkey punches the blumper (the giver). When they're out cold, the blumpeé turns around and takes a dump inside they're mouth. when the blumper wakes up it is fun to see how long it takes for them to realise what is in their mouth isn't what it was a few seconds ago.

NB: do not donkey punch while the penis is in their mouth beacuse getting knocked out forces you to bite down hard.
last night it took jane 30 seconds to realise she was giving des a reverse blumpy.

last night i didnt know i was giving a reverse blumpy cos it tasted the same.
by Des Walker September 25, 2006
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A reverse blumpy or R.B for short is when two parties are about to perform the orthodox blumpy but use a distinct signal or sound (can be a high pitched grunt or tuneful whistle but it is considered more normal to burp) to indicate a reverse in proceedings. The giver moves his/her body so he/she is underneath the anus and then sucks out the faeces of the receiver or blumpee. In many cultures especially across eastern europe and in particular central england close to the River Trent this act is seen by many to be an act of good will, kindness or after a mal-functioning blumpy; forgiveness. During a reverse blumpy, in order to show satisfaction or gratfullness towards the giver a hot lunch should immediately follow while the faeces is still warm.
"Oh man, jane gives the best reverse blumpys"

"I prefer reverse blumpys to just blumpys its so much more relieving"

"I asked Jane to reverse blumpy me but she kept saying no because i was her son, what's that all about"
by Marcel Van Crumpton September 26, 2006
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