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An ailment that causes one to not care about the consequences of their actions or give up on their goals.
"Hey man, you're getting fat again. What happened to your diet?"
"The I don't give a shits came early this year."
by Gleen707 April 26, 2019

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A form of transportation also known as walking.
"Hey man, can you give me a ride to the store?"
"Nope, your lazy ass can take the sidewalk express."
by Gleen707 March 04, 2018

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To get thrown into a shelf during Black Friday fighting over cheap crap you don't need.
Steve was lying on the ground after he got restocked fighting over a $5 toaster on Black Friday.
by Gleen707 December 05, 2017

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An involuntary bowel movement usually caused by questionable food choices.
Ugh man, what's that smell?!
I just had a butthole malfunction courtesy of Taco Bell!
by Gleen707 November 28, 2019

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