Your face when someone did something stupid and you disapprove forever and ever and always. Basically proving how much of a mother fucking bitch you are with an expression.
Oh my god, that girl is such a slut.” She said, keeping her RESTING BITCH FACE.
by Go Fu<k Yourself April 12, 2018
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The resting birch face or RBF is a condition where when someone’s face is resting or is expressionless, they seem to appear bitchy/mad/snobby. This condition normally effects many woman worldwide. Although they may seem bitchy, it isn’t intentional it’s just natural for them.
“Woah! Look at Jessica, she’s so mad. I bet she’s gonna be so bitchy today.”
Reality: “I heard the pizza there is good...should I order some later?” -Jessica’s head
“Natalie, are you okay? You look really mad...”
Reality: “Huh? No, I’m fine. I was just blanking out”
Sometimes, random people might hate you just because you always look bitchy.
“Why does Rebecca hate me so much?”
Friend: “I dunno. Probably because you look so bitchy all the time because of that RESTING BITCH FACE of yours.”
by jjpotatoes September 27, 2018
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An expression that is held by someone, typically (but by no means always) a woman. It is characterized by having a very slight scowl in the eyebrows, lips drawn in (sometimes occurred by sucking in the bottom lip), a pronounced tilt of the head, and a slight squinting of the eyes that would convey an expression of slight pain is discomfort. When performed properly, the sufferer should look to be perpetually constipated, and yet for some reason, utterly satisfied with being so. "Smug" is a common way to describe someone with a resting bitch face.

This expression is pronounced in its commonality, as in, it's the most common expression upon the sufferer's face. It is typically a signifier of someone who is arrogant, condescending, obnoxious or just generally bitchy. Commonly seen by journalists or other people commonly on TV.
I don't know how you can watch that show, the anchor has a massive resting bitch face. You'd think the higher ups would tell her to fix that.
by MJM1985 April 19, 2021
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