A bitchy alternative to the usual blank look most people have. This is a condition affecting the facial muscles, suffered by millions of women worldwide. People suffering from bitchy resting face (BRF) have the tendency look hostile and/or judgemental at rest.
Wow look at the RBF, You TRY to make a joke but everyone takes it way too seriously because they can’t tell if you’re joking - resting bitch face.
by Smileitschloe November 24, 2014
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A condition that effects 1 in 6 people meaning that their "zoned out face" is in a constant state of bitchiness.
'Claire Horn has resting bitch face!!'
by Daisy hawkins December 1, 2014
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An unintentional look upon a woman's face that conveys a sense of bitchiness.
Kelly has a resting bitch-face, she always looks pissed off.
by TallNotDarkNotHandsome March 28, 2015
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The face a woman makes to ensure a man does not think she's flirting, because a single smile can mean anyone thinks their flirting.
Man she's a mean looken bitch!
Nah, she's just sick of dudes tryen to get with her, so shes got a resting bitch face on
by crossoverlover May 29, 2015
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Someone - usually female, but sometimes male - whose intended expressionless (i.e. "resting") face actually appears mean, grumpy or angry.
The Resting Bitch Face poster girl is Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice. The Resting Bitch Face poster boy is Kanye West.
by Ed Ukator November 16, 2018
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A resting bitch face is a bitch or angry person in general who just has a mad looking face. No one wants to approach them because they look like an angry dog. Someone with a resting bitch face does NOT have to be a bitch, but they look like one.
*whispers* 'Chantelle, oh she has a resting bitch face.'
by moss0234 November 12, 2018
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Resting bitch face the look on a bitches face while she is perpetually in bitch mode.

Aka bf, also refer to as bf^2
Dude 1: Julie always looks angry.

Dude 2: She is just in resting bitch face mode. Can’t turn off her anger.

Dude 1: I guess she needs a good ass banging
by T_rump_supporter November 25, 2017
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