Essential life process where oxygen reacts with glucose from the food that you eat to provide your body with energy. The two by-products of this process are carbon dioxide, which is exhaled along with the rest of the harmless gases that entered your lungs but did not diffuse into your blood, and water.

Not to be confused with breathing, which is how the oxygen enters the body.
If you cannot breathe, oxygen cannot enter your lungs and therefore cannot diffuse into your blood. With no oxygen your cells cannot respire and will therefore die.


Oxygen + Glucose -> Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water
by Jonny3 September 7, 2006
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A device used to filter air so you can breath good air. Used mostly while in areas with aerosol, pesticides, poisons.. ect..
Ah, I got me a new respirator for some schlaggin yo!
by Windexter April 21, 2003
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v. type of deep breathing one does after strenuous exertion; speech is impossible, facial colour is poor, and pursuing footsteps can often be heard.

I ...gotta ... respirate.

Respirate! Not now! You can respirate on the other side of that fence.
by gnostic1 September 19, 2011
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1.Originally, to respire was to inhale and to exhale to sustain life.

Verb. In the modern usage it can mean to take a “breather“ or a break from monotony of daily life, to breathe freely in a figurative sense.

2. Verb: In a figurative usage it means to take a moment, to calm down or unwind. To breathe freely or take a breather. !”
1. “When I respire I wanna go swimming in the ocean

2. “Andy, go respire over there, away from here, where no one knows you!”
by PixiesPress July 20, 2021
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The female version of a "teabag". The act of a females genitalia over an individuals face while they are unaware or unconcious.
"Oh my God I cant breathe, Stephanie just gave me the respirator!"

"Im totally gonna give Steve The Respirator right now while hes passed out wasted!"
by Ryan C. (Papa Graybush) January 27, 2009
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Founded in early 2020, Respire is proud to be one of the best clans in Oceania, having a predominantly Australian starting lineup, and a known member of the Asian Standoff 2 Scene.

Spark is best manager

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by Sparky34 February 9, 2021
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This is were you have someone lie down and open their mouth. Then the donor pulls of their pants and farts into the recipient's mouth. The recipient then inhails the gas.
Can be done without recipient's permission, but that is not advised. This is very populator in some parts of Michigan.
So I was diving with Brando and my tank ran out of air, he noticed and motioned me to open my mouth...I don't know why I closed my eyes but I did and the next thing I know was he gave me a Respirator...It tasted bad and I still couldn't breath...
by JHD May 16, 2006
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