When a bowl, pipe, bong or other canabis smoking aparatus becomes clogged with reain from repeated use.
Gimme my pipe cleaners, this bowl's all resinated.
by Gramaticon June 24, 2005
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Coated with the residue from marijuana smoke. Most often applied to pipes, bowls and other such paraphenalia.
Wow, you can really see the blues and reds in that piece now that it's all resinated.

Hey, try some of this ganja...it's been in the chamber for three weeks so it's all resinated!!!
by Jamin' September 15, 2005
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Any item or technique that makes a video game too easy, or in a competitive setting, unfair for your opponent(s). Based off the resin items from the Dark Souls franchise, avoided by internet personality Dan Gheesling during his Twitch playthrough of the first game (reason pursuant to the former definition).

The term has gained traction amongst the hosts of the adjacent NLSS community-- an also Twitch-based tri-weekly games cast where Dan Gheesling is a recurring guest-- and its fans. Similar but not the same as the more antiquated "laming" which refers to more blatant forms of cheating, hacking, and otherwise bad game etiquette (see dickbaggery).
Dan: Yo, Austin are you still using those dualies in the multiplayer for the new CoD? That banger game where you got a >50.0 KD knocked the old sucks (sic) off . If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's resin.

Austin: Ay don't hate the playa hate the game Dan; there is no resin in CoD. Now if you excuse me, I have a Play of the Game reel to watch. Look, It's me again! *awoos*
by ClosetTangelo October 25, 2018
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Like camel cash. If you smoke enough weed you get a free high when u are strugglin on funds
scrape that resin son! that shits got THC in it!
by MrGrinch August 7, 2003
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the greasy build-up on that forms on the inner surfaces of weed paraphernalia after smoking. It can be scraped off and smoked as if it were hash. smoking resin is not as good as hash though, and this frugal practice is looked down on in some circles as being ghetto, or the last resort of a kid with no weed.
i love the pipes with chambers in them to hold a chunk of weed to get resinated. that resinated chunk is pretty strong.
by minghi May 7, 2003
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Resin is actually the trichromes used for making hash (simply put), residue would be more accurate for the tar and build up that you find in your pipes, bongs, bubblers- anything you smoke creates a black sticky substance that unfortunatly I have much experience smoking. Read below for tips.

Disclaimer: May not be legal in some countries (imagine that)
As a heavy smoker, there is usually bud around, but when there is a drought and I need to keep the edge off resin will do the trick though the buzz is more of a body buzz in my experiences and tends to be more subtle yet still a good buzz, laid back- kinda hard to explain.

There are a few tricks to smoking and collecting resin and if you don't know what you're doing you will end up with resiny tar everywhere and few things can get it out. First there are 2 main methods- smoking it directly from the pipe or collecting it by scraping your smoking utensils.

Smoking out it from an unpacked bowl is simple, either smoke as you would a normal bowl if there is enough buildup inside or hold the pipe sideways and use the bowl as a carb and light the flame from the real carb breathing in slowing from the mouthpiece. Heating the resin is important and stop if the smoke is too hot.

When you're really desperate you can do as I do and take every piece with resin in it, get about 3-4 large paperclips, a place for the resin collected (cellophane from a cigg pack works) and get ready to get your fingers dirty. Heat all bowls enough that the resin starts to smoke before scraping. Be careful with the paperclips and bend them to get the best angle for your bowl. Keep adding the small amounts you get till you have a nice marble sized ball, let it dry a little then smoke it and be prepared to cough. Best smoked out of some sort of pipe with a screen to prevent it all from melting back into the pipe.

Anyways, hopes this helps, and remember resin smokes a LONG time and is easy to get a good deal out of even small bowls but as for your health... I'm still good after 4 years of near consistant smoking (all types) Doc says I'm in great shape... hope it works out that way for you too! Happy Tok'n!

(For liability sake, this is all hypothetical ;-)
by Been@it4While August 1, 2009
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A chamber found usually in metal pipes which can hold some marijuana, which collects resin when you smoke out of the pipe, the longer you wait the more potent the weed is thats left in the chamber, usually takes a few days if not a week really depends on how much you smoke out of the resinated pipe.
Yo foo stick some shake in the resinator then will smoke it later and get fucked up
by buddahfied September 2, 2006
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