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Shit to do when you're broke.
I'd been smoking nug for 3 months, but then lost my damn job. I had to boil my bowl and been smoking resin for the last 4 days. Its a dirty but pleasant high. Least from high grade.
by -Rayo November 19, 2013
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What to do when you run out of weed (and cash) and you smoke primarily with a bong, pipe or other type paraphernalia.
Scrape, scrape, scrape, roll, roll, roll, it's a dirty job.
Light it up and it can taste like inhaling motor oil or industrial rubber,

but it gets you baked, chinese eyes high, or even blitzed in some cases.
However, it may also do nothing whatsoever, sadly

which means you just wasted your fucking time

and got your hands sticky and dirty as shit for no reason at all.
"i just ran out of weed and been smoking resin for the last few days."
by "stoner dude" apparently March 17, 2018
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