Something you put on someone's Steam profile when they're a nice guy, they did something good, or you just want to show them respect. Usually giving someone rep means that they made a good trade with that person, but that's not always the case.
by EpicTyphlosion April 14, 2019
1. "I be repping Brick City muh-fuckas."
2. "That fool has a bad rep."
by Diego September 1, 2003
Short for replica, usually a term for sneakers
"dude yo shit be reps?"

"naw bru i got em off stockx"
by sinom March 20, 2022
I be repping my hood back in the 313.
by zwzuzdzuz September 22, 2008
Stands for "Reputation +" and is used on forum that uses a "reputation" system where users can add or subtract reputation points from each other. "Rep+" is a common response to a post another user liked and "repped+" the original poster. (See rep-)
User 1: "This is a funny post"
User 2: "lol, rep+"
by Kujila August 13, 2005

Sneakers usually made with the same materials, same standards and factories in the same countries as the originals.
Kids these days be wearing reps.

They done f*cked the game up.
by Yiisus November 12, 2021