Nickname of Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. The nickname has nothing to do with drugs. It has to do with many low & high rise housing projects of the 50, 60's, 70, 80, 90 & early 2000s the city use to have. Example: The Little Bricks were three story projects off Livingston st. , Rose st. , Muhammad Ali blvd., and jeliff st. There was also Dayton st, Hayes Homes, Prince st, 7th ave, Montgomery St, Lincoln St, Seth Boyden,Baxter Terrance, Columbus Homes, Scudder Homes, Stella Wright & the many other apartment buildings that were maid out of Red or Light Bricks. So again it has nothing to do with any drugs
by King1James February 18, 2015
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The one and only NEWARK, NEW JERSEY!!! Area code 973, exit 15E.
by M-easy July 5, 2003
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Brick City Newark N.J. is the largest city in the state, population approximately 281 thousand, because of crime and poverty. The name Brick City originates from the bricks that thirty the city population decreased from a high of half a million during the late 1950s and early 60’s city streets use to be paved with. The name has nothing to with drugs or drug use. Currently it also the name of a documentary on the Sundance Channel about the efforts to revitalize the city.
Newark N.J. is Brick City
by JBlackfrom the Bricks September 28, 2009
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newark nj survive hear survive everywhere we hit hard
i almost got jumped by the bloodz but i ran away like speddy gonzalez and made it free
by latoya August 16, 2003
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Brick city - Extremely cold outside. Native to Brooklyn, NY slang.
“Yo my G it’s brick city out here !!!”
by Redrum19 November 11, 2017
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Originally referring to Newark, NJ, Brick City has been adopted by the entire tri-state area. In a way, it is used to conceal exactly where one is from or talk about the area in general with no specific location and refers to the local mentality and swag.
Where you from?

Brick City!!

Man, it’s cold out there.
by SOUND ΛLCHEMIST ✨ December 8, 2019
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