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1. Adj When you are so completely tired from staying awake that you laugh for no reason, smile at everything, have slurred speech, and completely lame jokes seem hilarious

2. Adj When you are extremely exhausted and you are doing something at the same time, such as playing video games or watching tv. Everything will seem funnier in every way. For example, shooting the wall during a video game becomes hilarious.
1. Remmed Guy: "Da chicken dihn't crossed da road cuz... he za chicken!"
Other Remmed Guy: "HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

2. Sleepy Guy: "Dude... *laughs* its 3 o'clock in the morning *snickers* and.. and I'm STILL owning you in Halo...
*bursts out laughing for no reason* I am so remmed!"
by channing LP September 13, 2006
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