The difference between good faith and bad faith relation, due to the transactional nature of relations vs the destination of the relation. RelationShops are where love and hate are sold on an open market. It's a zero sum game that prevents any commitment from occurring, because the subject is always split between their choice and finding something better, hence the symbol $. A relationShip, on the other hand, it a vehicle to transport two or more people from one place to another.
He finally admitted that, though he had expressed sympathy for her, that he really didn't care about her problems, that they were irrelevant to his life, so he went down, sadly and met the trickster at the relationshop. What else have you got? And the trickster, who knew how to cheat you fair, said, what about this one?
by chaosmotic July 14, 2019
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When two people have a relationship just to maintain a business or when one of them fakes having feelings for the other just for the sake of saving their business.
A man thinking to himself: " My business is about to collapse, I should come up w something... ' EUREKA!' I will approach my dumb female business partner."

Man: Hey lets hang out?

Dumb woman: SURE! ( in a happy go lucky fashion)

Man: You know, I always thought you are quite interesting and beautiful... I like you a lot. Would you like us to get to know eachother well? Lets have dinner tonight.

Dumb woman: I actually like you too, OK!

(then they end up sleeping and in the following days become a "couple" woman constantly keeps taking pics w her arm wrapped around him head tilted on his cheek.)

(Another girl that was ditched by the cowardice relationshop guy) : Wow, what a pathetic relationshoper of a guy he is.
by politicallyuncompromising December 03, 2010
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Another name for couples therapy or marriage guidance and counseling; any place two people go to receive help in salvaging a relationship or strengthening their relationship bonds
Joe and Mary seem to be spending more time together after going to the relationshop for the last few months. They seem so much happier together too!
by JJam in MT July 21, 2021
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one who devotes time shopping for relationship- fling, casual sex, non-committal-come-and-go type of acquaintance. Never to stay with one person, shop till he/she drop.
I am in a mood for relationshop, everyone is welcome. drop me a line if you are game.
by ArahVictoria December 22, 2005
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online dating - Checking a box to include one's preferences combined with a human element for social purposes.
Nick: It's so hard to meet new people.
Rick: You should go relationshopping on OKC.
by FleurdT February 19, 2013
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