6 definitions by JJam in MT

Anyone who converts or conditions others into adopting a particular mindset or reality (sometimes through will or force and can also be done for nefarious purposes)
Parents are classical mind breeders as they teach their reality to their children; that their reality is the only reality there is.
by JJam in MT July 22, 2021
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marked by changing jobs usually in just a matter of a few months as a personal choice rather than necessarily being fired or laid-off; seeking to gain as much work experience as possible through many employment opportunities over short periods of time
Many millennials want to gain as much work experience as possible right out of high school or college and often resort to going from job to job or jobscotching to achieve this.
by JJam in MT May 03, 2021
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Divisions of state and federal governments that give away money, food, and other resources to those who are unable to attain employment because of governmental inaction, economic downturns, or changing workscapes
The givernment announced today that unemployment benefits will be slashed as the result of hardening economic times despite a steep rise in the number of people actively seeking work.
by JJam in MT May 26, 2021
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Another name for couples therapy or marriage guidance and counseling; any place two people go to receive help in salvaging a relationship or strengthening their relationship bonds
Joe and Mary seem to be spending more time together after going to the relationshop for the last few months. They seem so much happier together too!
by JJam in MT July 21, 2021
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Something that is spectacularly beautiful
Wow! That sunrise this morning was beautacular!
by JJam in MT October 11, 2020
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