Meaning you are cheeky, and the girl is keeping the guy on his toes!
Boy - "Will you let me drive your car?"
Girl - "No"
Boy - "Is it because I'm black?"
Girl - "Yes!!" (then laughs)
Boy - (laughs) You got game girl!
Girl - "Well, you ask a stupid question, so I give you a stupid answer!"

by christina1979uk August 18, 2007
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When someone says you are on games that means they are trying to fwy and you aren’t saying yes or no but you are playing with their feelings .
by gotfames August 23, 2018
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When someone ask if you're game, it means that someone asks if you are ready to do a certain action. Simultaneous it also implies that a challenge is included.
"are you game?" = "are you ready to take up the challenge?"
by flippergoose February 11, 2014
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A word game in which the response to absolutely any statement can be "You're a ____"
A: That's a horrible idea.

B. You're a horrible idea!

A. Don't you play the You Game with me!

A. It's not Thursday today.

B. You're not Thursday today!
by Ford Leiden December 28, 2009
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A declaration of exasperation usually addressed towards a person who has made a joke at your expense.
Whenever anyone talked smack about Rachel, her only reply was "You be on games!"
by UBongames August 19, 2008
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It’s a game where if you forget about the game and then remember it, you lose the game. Or that’s how I learned to think of it.
Caleb- Hey, you lost the game!
Alexis -DAMN IT!!!
by Lonely_Ahh_Gal October 05, 2020
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