A thing, event or action given to someone to ensure that they behave the way you want them to. The term may be applied to the person who does it.

Not to be confused with 'enforcer' which is a person paid to punish those who fail to do something such as abide by a rule or agreement

Usually used to describe negative or unpleasant, when the person knows they are being controlled, but equally applies to pleasant or positive event, when the person usually doesn't know they are being controlled but thinks they are doing it because they want to. Positive reinforcers are more subtle and more effective.

unpleasant, negative reinforcer - a bouncer, nagging wife

pleasant, positive reinforcer - an good boss, teacher.
by just Jack November 16, 2006
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In life we always need to reinforce people,so they can face life's challenges.
by BlackPohatu October 24, 2016
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A form of learning where a subject is rewarded for desired behavior by the removal of a negative, such as pain, hunger, or a distressing noise. This term is often confused with punishment, which is the introduction of a negative (the punishment) to discourage behavior.

Negative Reinforcement is the removal of something bad. Punishment is the introduction of something bad.
Negative Reinforcement: "Good behavior" in the prison system, where the negative (prison time) is reduced as a reward for not causing problems.

In comparison, the original prison sentence itself is punishment - a negative introduced to discourage behavior.
by YamadaOtter November 5, 2009
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for every person of an ethnic background who does not fit into a stereotype of said ethnic background, there is (are) an individual(s) who will reinforce said stereotype.
"Why is it that for ever mexican/spanish person trying to not be the ghetto cliche, there is an apartment complex full of them reinforcing it?" - Guy one

"It's the law of reinforcement." - Guy two
by amirverada April 2, 2011
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Reverse Reinforcement occurs when you are motivated to do things that people say you can't. Also meaning, you can't say no to a dare. Although, this word is used when someone is intentionally using it to motivate an individual.
I am going to use Reverse Reinforcement by daring him to carry the groceries inside.
by Wordinventor777 June 26, 2021
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The act of supergluing one's asshole shut and timing how long it takes a sexual partner to pierce through the anal blockade with his/her tongue.
Tenured Professor: "If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, you're going to need to tunnel deep."
Grad Students: "That's one reinforced cage I'm willing to break through."
by DogsBedroomMoshingTo108 December 29, 2016
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To act drunk even when you're not.
When Dave started tripping over things, we guessed that he was drunk. When he starting mumbling to himself later, it was just reinforcing the hypothesis.
by Jmtas September 4, 2006
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