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Strong, independent, sexy, attractive woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

Used by men, 'Sexy bitch' is not a derogatory term. A man who uses it is admitting that he is sexually attracted but probably not good enough for her; that he would feel vulnerable in her presence because he won't be able to control her. So there may be a tinge of resentment, especially when used by a woman to describe another because she cannot compete.

'Man's shirts, short skirts', now there's a sexy bitch!
by just Jack November 16, 2006

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A thing, event or action given to someone to ensure that they behave the way you want them to. The term may be applied to the person who does it.

Not to be confused with 'enforcer' which is a person paid to punish those who fail to do something such as abide by a rule or agreement

Usually used to describe negative or unpleasant, when the person knows they are being controlled, but equally applies to pleasant or positive event, when the person usually doesn't know they are being controlled but thinks they are doing it because they want to. Positive reinforcers are more subtle and more effective.

unpleasant, negative reinforcer - a bouncer, nagging wife

pleasant, positive reinforcer - an good boss, teacher.
by just Jack November 16, 2006

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