An insult/abbreviation used by Clone Force 99 or The Bad Batch, they where genetically modified and such as at birth with the exception of Echo being made into a cyborg. Regs are 'normal' clone troopers eg. Captain Rex, Fives, Commander Cody
Crosshair: we don't usually work with regs. *flicks toothpick at Rex*
Captain Rex: WHAT WAS THAT?
by CallMeHarper June 11, 2021
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Reg. Short for regular or natural hair. Hair with the natural texture unaltered by chemicals or heat.
Hey girl! Is that a texurizer or your reg? natural curly kinky
by Praisedancer October 06, 2015
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A fag of little words that rips cones with men of tik tok fame. commonly refereed to as a villager, reg walks around in circles ignoring peoples comments on his gay beats he uploads to sound cloud.
'Oi Reg you fag! Your so bent!'
by b4iputitinismackthata$$ December 01, 2019
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