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noun: Distinct from retard. "Retards" are born in an involuntarily, and have no control over their development. "Reetards" on the other hand are in a voluntary state caused by being too lazy to think and having a delusional belief in one's own cleverness. A "reetard" is usually found flooding discussion forums and message boards with numerous inanities, and where permissable, accompanied by gargantu-.sigs (often with huge, flashing animated gifs). This "reetard" phenomenon of obsessively wanting to see one's own name or nick on screen wherever and whenever possible can be likened to a similar fascination that captive baboons have with seeing their reflections in mirrors - much to the amusement of the zoo going public. Unfortunately, "reetards" are rarely as amusing, except for brief flurries when they are used for sport before the communities they infest ultimately tire and give up.
"Bobby is such a reetard - I swear if he ever says anything vaguely interesting, the world's gonna end"
by felch August 16, 2007
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How a redneck pronounces “retired
Wilma: “Ernie! Ain’t you gett’n up to go to work today?”
Ernie: “Hell’s no! I’m reetard!”
by Chili2 June 18, 2018
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A Ree-Tard is somebody so stupid that the normal term 'retard' isn't enough.
This is a person who uses all caps when typing. Ignores punctuation, spelling and sentence structure when posting online.
Ree-Tard's are always off topic, haven't the slightest clue as to what they are doing, and when you point out that they are acting retarded they morph into Ree-Tard's and attack you with misspelled, poorly worded and overly mis -punctuated emails or posts.
God! That Ree-Tard is texting me again!
by not even mad. June 10, 2010
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