term of endearment for rich geeks. Comes from the combining of the words R_ich + g_EEK.
Lets try to get out of university ave before 10pm when all the reeks come out to pseudo-party.


Man, that party sucked. Just lots of wanna-be reeks pitching their latest web 2.0 startup. lets go to oakland for some purp.
by Devin Fleming November 16, 2007
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a word that is for some reason always used to describe the smell of marijuana.
don't walk past those cops, man. you fucking reek!
by omg dictionary November 25, 2007
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a way of screaming to try and be funny and/or a different version of REEEEEEEE
spoopy guy- REEK

other guy- PLEASE STOP (;-;)
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 15, 2018
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One fine sexy ho who happens to be my friend's mom. I like to bang her so hard that I pass out.
Reeks is the hottest milf I've ever met in my life.
by Your Mom April 16, 2005
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Reek: Noun - A overly cowardly man or woman
Reek: Verb - To engaged in an extreme cowardly action
• That hoe ass dude reeked out on his homeboys while they were getting jumped.

• He talks a lot of gangster shit on records, but I caught him without his gun and he reeked out and hauled ass when I came at him
* Instead of fighting his uncle in 1 on 1 combat to save his sister's life, Therion Greyjoy reeked out and jumped off the ship into the debris filled water.
by Cowboy Lemonhead July 24, 2017
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