when u take off your shoe laces and tie the female up and take a shoe (preferably a reebok) and shove it up thier behind.

for you, Yona...
shady: yo brumer, what are u up to tonight?
brumer: im gonna give my gal a nice smooth Reebok
by scottness September 20, 2006
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This term is used when you notice that a woman has under gone breast augmentation with implants. Artificial breasts. Usually the term is used when they are blatantly obvious. Reebok - "The pump" Reebok was the first tennis shoe that used a pump to increase the conformability of the shoe. "Pump it up"
When you visit California, you will notice alot of Reebok, particularly in the Los Angeles area.
by Rawhide January 12, 2006
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Respect Every Entirely Blood Oh Kay
tg Tg TG Tg TG tg tg Tg TG Tg TG tg
by TBLOODZG March 12, 2005
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