Taking old television clips and visual material and rearranging, collaging, or editing them to form a homage or creating a reinterpretation of the existing material
There goes John again reduxing all the old classic tv shows..
by LStone July 17, 2009
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(n.)a person who has done too much acid, and is subsequently constantly paranoid, edgey, violent, and/or upset. convinced they're playing a transcended "game" where they are rated for their every action 24-7.
"try not to eat acid more times than you can count on your fingers, getting reduxed is no joke."
by vicious April 19, 2004
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Redux Jay more like Redux Jay lmao
me: redux inposter i saw him vent
redux jay: not i didn’t
*among us music*
by Slit Dick March 9, 2021
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Redux Jay a meaning that understands a person on twitter called redux jay
Hi redux Jay is on twitter

I don't know I think they have gay sex after that
by Stonetoss lover April 9, 2021
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Jim: "This makes no sense. I took my Pyroset this morning, but that double enchilada lunch special is gettin' to me now."

Mike (laughing): "Sounds like Acid Redux to me."

Jim: "I swear to God, Mike, I'll kick your ass!"
by Knot A. Doctor November 22, 2011
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An annoying ass guy who always starts shit and weighs 600 pounds.
''Hey bro can you stop acting like a DIRTY REDUX? ''
'' Fuck you bro.''
by fwlittleboys December 12, 2021
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