When you get a funny feeling in your tummy because you have just thought about someone you really like.
Example 1:
You are aproaching the person and you think about them for a split second and.. *love* =

Example 2:
You think nof them randomly and.. *love*

Example 3:
You are talking to them
Him/her: Hey whats up?
Me: Hi, just thinking. *smile*
Him/Her: okay then, l8er *smile*
Me: *Turm*
by Lfree April 3, 2007
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Crushing pills between a woman's breasts/buttocks and snorting them #swag
Dude this weekend I snagged a bimbo from this sick party and we started turming, it was fucking awesome
by Turmthegreat October 22, 2013
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That feeling you get in your tummy when you think of how annoying your co-worker is.
I was just trying to work but then my co-worker wouldn't stop talking to me. I was so filled with turm.
by filledwithturm December 17, 2019
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