A really cool guy. Not of relation to the Pinkfords or the Blackfords. Hails from da projekts of Staines, a relative of Borat and Ali G.

A form of currency in Khasikstan
"Gimme 5 redfords for a quarter, they'd say"
by The Trenchcoat Magician July 04, 2003
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aka babykiller69, notorious for his diet of babies, preferably korean ones
"yo redford, let's go for two-can-dine at mcdonalds"
"naw man, i packed lunch. got some baby on a pita, with some kimichi on the side"
by Dirty Sanchez January 06, 2004
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Redford is a shit ass town and township in Michigan just west of detroit. it is chocked full of wiggers, wankstas, icp clown fags, rednecks & trash bandits. so when something sucks beyond your furthest comprehension it would be said that it is "redford".
Hey joe did you see that shitbox 86 mercury lynx that that trash bandit was driving ? yea that was redford as fuck !
by B- Real June 12, 2009
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A working-class suburb, just west of Detroit, Michigan. Named in the 1800's for the wagon ford over the Rouge River. Also known as: The Mini-Bike Capitol of the World, you will see more grown ass men on mini-bikes in Redford, than any other city.
Oh my God, was that a grown man on a Mini-Bike?

Well we are in Redford.

by Awebstersnakes March 15, 2019
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A 24-hour sit-in coney island restaurant located in Redford, MI. Often referred to as "The Grill," and attracts a wide variety of people with their low-priced food. Food tastes best at 2am.
"I'm drunk, and I am very hungry, but where can I go at such a late hour?... I think I'll hit up the Redford Grill."
by Cest Mercredi July 22, 2009
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An attractive older man that younger women find incredibly sexy. Specifically, a blonde silver fox.
Jack: "What do you think of my buddy Ray?"
Jill: "So hot...he's a total Robert Redford!"
by anonymouslyyours78 July 10, 2008
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A refreshing beverage originating from the blue-collar township of Redford, Michigan. It is 1 part Faygo Rock n Rye, 1 part 5 o'clock vodka served in a chipped beer mug.
The factory laid me off again today. Pour me a Redford Special.
by The Mixologist April 07, 2011
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