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A really cool guy. Not of relation to the Pinkfords or the Blackfords. Hails from da projekts of Staines, a relative of Borat and Ali G.

A form of currency in Khasikstan
"Gimme 5 redfords for a quarter, they'd say"
by The Trenchcoat Magician July 04, 2003
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Redford is a shit ass town and township in Michigan just west of detroit. it is chocked full of wiggers, wankstas, icp clown fags, rednecks & trash bandits. so when something sucks beyond your furthest comprehension it would be said that it is "redford".
Hey joe did you see that shitbox 86 mercury lynx that that trash bandit was driving ? yea that was redford as fuck !
by B- Real June 12, 2009
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aka babykiller69, notorious for his diet of babies, preferably korean ones
"yo redford, let's go for two-can-dine at mcdonalds"
"naw man, i packed lunch. got some baby on a pita, with some kimichi on the side"
by Dirty Sanchez January 06, 2004
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