A delicious dessert made with cream cheese, chocolate pudding and graham crackers. Served frequently in southern sorority houses!
I need to get my hands on that Robert Redford recipe...it's my favorite dessert!
by anonymouslyyours78 June 26, 2008
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A stupid fat fucking teacher that no one likes. He’s annoying and very sarcastic, none of the teachers nor students like him. He should die. He sucks at teaching and eats his carrots like a horse. Gives out way too much homework/projects.
Got any homework? YEA I do I have the fat Mr. Redford! Aw man sucks for you, HAHA!
by Drugs Not Hugs February 15, 2019
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The dirtiest type of hoe. Someone who is truely okay with fucking anything with a ditry twist to it
Who's vag resembles a split grilled cheese sandwich.
"Hey, look at that see cow hooker!!"
"Ya that's a real redford bitch!"
by funnyfucker420 September 25, 2013
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Ratchet school located on W. Outer Drive and Southfield Fwy on Detroit's Westside. New Principal every 6 months but they will give you a half way decent education. Know to accept Renny failures and kids who parent think it's "higher education" (IT AINT)
by Somebodyinclassof2016 April 07, 2017
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Biggest rumor mill on the face of the earth. All you learn here is who's banging who, who's pregnant with who's baby, who fought who, who's going to fight who, who's on what kind of drugs, who's a slut, etc. And you know what? Most of it's not true.
Non-R.U. goer: "I don't know if this girl is a skank or not."
His buddy: "Well ask around Redford Union High School."
Non-R.U. goer: "Eureka!"

Both are moving on to be totally misinformed.
by Truth-Speaker1201 May 25, 2009
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29°27'07"N 104°11'31"W
Michigan is not the only state with a Redford.
by Dixey Normus February 23, 2020
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