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The clue is in the name, it's a shit suburban town just outside of Greater London. Mostly inhabited by people who live in caravans and have on average 2 GCSEs. Sure there's a few London buses that serve Staines, but they just take you to even shitter places like Hounslow and Hanworth. If you're making the effort of leaving Zone 6 to go to Staines, make that extra trek and go to Windsor which is slightly less shit. Staines is most famous for being the home of Sacha Baron's Cohen "Ali G".
Friend 1: I heard that guy is from Staines

Friend 2: Oh fuck we better run he might try steal our satellite dish and set our car on fire
by memeulous January 03, 2017
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When you get a double blowjob from two hookers at the same time and leave without paying them.
ohn: "How was last night dude?"

Michael: " Last night was epic John. Went out on the sesh and pulled a staines. The only downside was that I got shoved and got a minor graze. But fuck it, was definitely worth it!
by rofltson April 24, 2017
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