Someone who believes in what they believe in. And isn't afraid to say it. Strong-willed. Doesn't "conform". Individal. Often anti-authority. Does what they want. Thinks for themselves.

Unfortunately, rebels are now considered rednecks or goths. And most rebels now aren't really rebels. Most rebels conform to the other rebels. Which is just wrong on multiple levels. The term and true meaning of rebel has been slaughtered. Bashed. Destroyed. Cliche-ified.
I read books because I'm a TRUE rebel.
by I'm not a person anymore. March 05, 2006
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A person who stands up for what they believe in, or be whoever they wanna be without trying to be someone they're not and not caring if other people hate it or like it, that's them. Just cuz u listen to punk rock, or metal, or gangsta music, or watever, and following that culture very deeply doesn't make u a rebel. THere's a lot of people wearing band shirts, quiksilver, element, so on. Just be yoruself and do what you think is right through thick and through, be who you really are, don't try to be part of a crowd you don't feel happy in, ther u go. Punk, metal, and rap have these ideologies in general i guess, but.....yea that's the ORIGINal meaning of rebel up there. Another type of rebel is common-known as anti-authoritarian, but watevr, different terminologies and same words i guess. (damn so much to type).
There's all these guys wearing sex pistols shirts, rapping about their chill lifestyle, all fitting into their own crowds, whoa they even got their own countrywide known clique names. Looks like the only rebel is the kid with the pink hair, wearing a ripped suit, and playing classical music in the corner, and refusing to do work.
by ReaperZero November 24, 2007
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People who express their opinions and doesn't give a shit about the consequences and what other people think about them. A true hero.
guy 1"Did you see that demi got a silver piercing on her lip??"
guy 2"Yea, she's such a hardcore rebel!"
by veronicavelps July 20, 2011
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What is the definition of rebel? A rebel can refer hatred towards tradition, and it can mean to fight for your eternal right. Example, Martin Luther King was a rebel in a way, no offense to his heroism, because he wanted his right to be free, and for Black and White people to finally get along. No more East end and West end, and no more East or West Germany, in which is another example of a rebel. And one other example is lets say someone from Ireland hates Guinness. That makes them a rebel usually.
The word rebel isn't an insult...
by Mike B. Anderson January 04, 2008
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The complete opposite of a Yankee.
That simple.
"Yes, I am a Rebel and very proud to be one. Do not let the stereotypical Redneck scheme portray a true Rebel."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
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Person 1: Do you remember McClaire Jackson?
Person 2: Yeah, people call her a rebel.
by URB4N D1C710N4RY March 24, 2021
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A person who purposely breaks rules (written or unwritten) or opposes an authority, perhaps not always to be 'cool'.
Cindy walked out of class when she disagreed with the teacher's actions toward female students. What a rebel!
by ........fear me July 01, 2005
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