People who have this birthday is an amazing person and deserve the whole world. They might have hardships in their life but their friends support them and raises them up. Never realises it but is very funny and a relatable person. Might be a little anti-social but usually progresses to be a outgoing person. Once you know them, you'll never want to lose them as a friend!
Person: He's born on July 3rd? Wow I have to be friends with him.
Person: I love this guy's hair. I bet he's born on July 3rd.
by sopeepee October 19, 2019
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The day to celebrate the best people in the world. If you're birthday is today you are very special :)
"July 3rd is my birthday!" "Wow! That's like the best day to have your birthday"
by jjrose October 19, 2019
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The best day on earth because all the fun cancers are born this day. It is Independence Day eve.
I wish I was as cool as Cooper he was born on July 3.
by THE ONLY GOAT AROUND October 18, 2019
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“Why is johnny sitting on that fire hydrant?”
“It’s july 3. The stick it up your ass day!”
by Mrobamos October 17, 2019
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National eat a pineapple day. Don’t get spiked.
Guy: Why are you eating so many pineapples?
Girl: because it’s July 3rd!!!
Guy: What’s on July 3rd
Girl: National eat a pineapple day!
by Moo mooie July 2, 2021
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The most special persom was born!
People who born on July 3 was an amazing person! They soft and warm hearted, you should have a friend that born on July 3, atleast just one person. Go get themmm!
by the noon day November 6, 2021
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Hey its July 3 you know that means its National Suck Another Dick day lets kiss
by IamTheRealJesus999 July 2, 2023
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