1)Awkwardly sharing someone's Facebook picture to the news-feed and then
2) tagging someone of the opposite sex in the comments.

This activity is best performed with friends or comrades. If done alone this is a first sign of compulsive pedophilia. This activity is purely recreational and is not intended to bully. if it does bully, decline all responsibly for your actions, The trauma and damage caused to your Facebook friends' self-esteem is marginal.

ethymology(antonym for "raisins' somones social status, as you are rather lowering his "status" on a social network aka Facebook
Matt and Jacob decide to have fun by "razing" their freins

Matt Smith shared Fred's picture form the album...

(Below) comments: @Jessica like Jacob likes this
by absynthem January 07, 2012
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Razee (first name)-- This name is usually given to boys in south Asaia. Thus these boys usually have black hair, dark brown eyes, and brown skin. These boys usually love school and love to do work. That's why they are sometimes mistakenly called nerds , geek, dork and other names that define someone smart. But they are honest, nice, funny, visually talented people who are good friends. These boys enjoy hobbies such as chess, sports, art, building computers, and making people laugh, example.. "stalking" people, telling jokes.
hey Razee!
ew- don't talk to that rapist.
by iamthemoonmaster September 28, 2011
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Notorious graffiti artist from New Haven, CT. Seen as a scourge of local society, for his relentless acts of ART!! (not vandalism). Part of the Gas Mask Kids. often, next to his work a "203" will be written, indicating the area code of his neighborhood.
"Raze" bombed the mess out of river street.
by Evilution February 11, 2008
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To raise a child using violence and extreme fear techniques.
Vanessa was Razed and now struggles with issues because of her parents.
by Anarchy_Hero11316 January 31, 2016
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A particularly destructive hazing, that causes somebody to leave the group entirely.
That boy is not going to be part of us - the razing begins tonight!
by motorcityjenny January 24, 2009
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To modify your street car with go-fast race parts or other setups which hold little to no value to the driver, but is good for posing. This is especially popular in the BMW E30 community. Similar to rice, except trying to look like a track rat instead of a street racer.

btw, it can be used sarcastically by people who are actually upgrading their stuff for good reasons in jest towards the people who do it solely for looks.
Man I just deleted my high beams!!! And took out my passenger seat!

Dude, that's so FUH RAZE!!!
by track_boy August 04, 2005
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The last resort for every team comp, but is always insta locked, making the team what to die.

Here is a list of the many qualities of a Raze Main:
-often the most shitties player
-has the brain of a potatoes
-claps their ass as loud as a whale
Player 1: alright how yall doing team
Player 2: insta locks raze
Player 1: wOw a raze main, you little shit
by IHateRaze.com October 26, 2020
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