To eat an uncooked food.
Aren't you going to cook that pop tart? You're not raw dogging it are you?
by Deathguy6 September 03, 2014
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To engage in unlubercated anal intercourse with ones partner.
I raw dogged Erica in Jessicas bed and there was blood every where
by John Beatty September 23, 2006
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Noah went raw dog and decided to get a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering rather than a weak Bachelor's of Applied Science.
by noaharc October 19, 2007
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A long attempt at male masturbation, only to be ended without climax and with a highly sensitive or "Raw" dick.
"Aww man i tried spanking it in the shower and all i got was a Raw Dog!"
by Dr. Arkov September 03, 2009
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To rub your naked ass on someone's pillow and bed sheets in retaliation for a misdeed
Frank pissed me off last week, so I gave him the rawdog.
by Silicone Slick J-Flow June 08, 2006
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