a small village in northern new mexico. known for its wide availability of drugs.

major employer: dairy queen.
by ShannonJubily October 31, 2007
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a little nuisance that is probably by definition an 1337 gamer. but if u see a Raton in real life u know that they are small scrawny boys that lack facial hair and range from ages 14-17. Might play video games and do nothing else in life. They may annoy you and when alone they are easy to take down with your fist . however in large groups Ratons can insult u feeling ashamed. beware of sociological torment.
Austin: dude i was playing halo with all these mlg players that were totally owning everyone yet they sound like faggs man. this stupid Raton!!

Tim: yeah thats because they're cocky assholes.

Austin: damn Ratons!
by N of n0v3mBer J August 31, 2009
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That morning after you've drink a lot of poor quality alcohol and you feel terrible (raton means hangover in Spanish)
The other day I woke up on my best friend's sofa, feeling like I was going to die, and I drank a couple of beers. That was a hell of a raton morning.
by Rodkor July 2, 2012
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Another Long Island/Westchester, but in the sunny Florida Coast.
1) Are you from Long Island?
2) Nah, I'm from Boca
1) Same shit
by lisux April 28, 2005
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A city in southern Florida that is best known for two things:
1) FAU (Florida Atlantic University)
2) Affluent Jewish New Yorkers
(the two are not related, thankfully)
Boca Raton Boca
by IndieOwl October 2, 2010
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A wild roaners that is fried
Person : Biggs your fried

Biggs : nahh fook

Person 2 : God damn Cooked Raton
by roanertime June 6, 2019
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A city located in south Florida on the east side. Sits right on the beach. A beautiful place known for it's wealthy retired people. Not known really for Jewish people because they come down from New York and visit. Some people are nice and some people are rich snobs. Over all a cool place to live.
Some fucking assholes don't know how nice it is to live in such a beautiful place as Boca Raton.
by MaryofNazareth October 18, 2004
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