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An ugly chick, most commonly with a ratlike nose/other features.
Holly is such a ratface, that nose of hers is soooo annoying!
by Sister Helen June 14, 2006
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1. A derogatory nickname used to describe someone who is utterly disgusting in appearance.

2. A combination of a person whose facial features closely resemble that of vermin, and whose skeletons are visible through their skin due to extensive drug abuse.

3. A trailer whore.
"Stupid-ass Randy fucked Ratface without a rubber, and crabs are in season."
by Cerb February 18, 2006
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Generally, it is a person who ressembles a ratty homeless person but who in fact in fairly well off.
Though Gail was a good teacher many people mistook her for homeless and poor because she was a ratface
by chris doberstein July 22, 2008
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Princess, Ratface, Mongoloid... Andrew R.
Andrew was a ratface bastard. (correction) Andrew is a ratface bastard... ach.
by Jeff Murray May 03, 2005
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One whose face takes on the appearance of a Rat. Generally extremely intelligent, gets alot of rat-bitches. Quietly watches from an inconspicuous position until the time is right to strike.

Also, the nickname given to the King of Perth City, Western Australia, the most brutal Rat-Lord of them all.
Man, dont fuck with the Ratface his minions will fuck you up!!
by ratty April 18, 2006
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