Someone who is ratchet is someone who listens to rap junk, like Nikki Manaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, etc. Someone who is using slang terms like bae, doe, dat, bish, etc., a person who is wearing pounds of makeup just to go the freaking store.

You: Hey what's up ratchet girl?

Ratchet person: Nun u?

You: You* Nothing* uhhh.... Nothing much.
Ratchet person: I dun kno if my bae is comin ovr.

by BekkahxLove October 26, 2014
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girl who in them streets for real and aint afraid to be what is required. she is scandelous and can and will use her looks to acheive her goal. can and will steal your man if need be. uses whatever means necessary.
"to be on these steeets you need a wratchet bitch"
by WratchetBitch December 17, 2016
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1) Being one with yourself. Expression of ones true inner feelings.
2) Letting loose and not giving a damn
That girl at the club was hella ratchet, she was definitely on one.
by old dogwood October 23, 2017
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One who is going against you, disagrees with you, or does somthing you do not like or favor.

This use of the word has been developed by none other than Manuel Fletes , or as he likes to call himself, " The Greatest Piano Player of All Time!!"

When using this word, a how is added to the sentence before using it, ranging from 1 to 5 how's, and is also presented with a snap or finger wag for each how.

And a how dare you is usually thrown in there as well..
Cristian you ditched me at lunch!!!!! How how how hooooow dare you! You ratchet!!!!!
by Cristian Trump November 26, 2015
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A dirty grimy look or action that is cool, usually involves ripped faded jeans, loose untied shoes and dark clothes. It’s a conscious choice to be like this, it’s not emo.
Loving that outfit, it’s so ratchet

I pulled up on his ass, it was ratchet as hell
by Thing2come June 08, 2018
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