Hot,attractive,kind,caring, honest and determined to win
He's so ratan
by The Lord Kush December 25, 2016
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Very, very cool. Very athletics, very good at all sports. Very very fast and is very good at school. Including Math, science, and and all other subjects. Can lift over 1 ton. Best soccer play in the country.
Ratan is very smart and cool.
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Royal boy with a handsome look. He is one of the gem that no one want to loose him
Royal boy Ratan
by Amarish November 25, 2021
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An ugly straw basket that is worn over the shoulder that English teachers wear.
The Grandmother wore a Ratan Basket Bag.
by Miss Peggy 69 420 January 31, 2019
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Ratan is a LEGEN-DARY person who loves controversy and lives by wall street memes. He can be really unpredictable and have these insane ideas but at the end of the day, he's fucking awesome!
That's just Ratan for ya!
by Buttermilk Wimplesnatch November 22, 2021
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