Usually used in Jamaican society to insult another being. Similar to the word bombaclaat it has a offensive meaning to deter conflict between two individuals.
The closest english translation would be bastardhole or shit features.
What the rasclaat is this pigeon doing in my room?

A wha dis likkle midgit doing with his rasclaat circus?

Who dem bare feelings dem a carry, u wan test mi food. So mi say again, WELL DUN, you rasclaat
by Damian "Well Dun" Rothbarth April 25, 2006
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Jamaican swear word. Noun. Comparable to "bastard hole", Shit features, arse-cloth. Rass being "arse" and claat(or klaat) being "cloth".An insulting term for a person,also related to menstruation.
"get lost, you rasclaat!"
"oh, rasclaat!!"
by Pogmotoin September 30, 2008
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a jamaican patwa word for shit. there are a multitude of other meanings, though.
ya rasclaat, clean your ass, I can smell your anus.
by addake December 02, 2018
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1) The phrase exclaimed recently after a traumatic or scarring event occurs.
2) The phase exclaimed when your wife tells you she's pregnant.
Wife: "Honey, I'm pregnant..."
You: "Bombashit and rasclaat, yuh skunt hole."
by GuyaneseSkunt November 13, 2020
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substitute for an expletive- for Instance C*** or more creativly an Interesting Insult to throw at random strangers.
"Im being sent down tomorrow"
"how long?"
"um,about 3 year"
"shit kid, rasclaat blutack that Is"
by El Cholo January 30, 2004
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