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The act/art of punching someone in the the throat, similar to the way in which Michael Rappaport will punch you in the throat if you meet him.
Guy: "All I did was say 'hi,' and he punched me right in the throat."
Different Guy: "You got rappaported, m'boy."
Guy: "-Guess so... ow."
by Scrotex December 01, 2004
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the act of studying with your sibling
Katie: Can I study in your room?
Ben: ok lets pull a Rappaport
by productshizzle February 27, 2005
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A woman who goes to a bar, gets really wasted, and meets some sleazy dude, and because she's wasted she thinks they have a great rapport, and she goes home with him and has sex with him, and wakes up confused, defiled, and ashamed.
Man, check out that Rappaport over there. I'm moving in, before the douchebag to her left gets her first.
by jwadsworth September 13, 2013
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