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An expression used ironically before another person engages in a potentially dangerous activity or action, meant to suggest that the person should take care, but not at the expense of having fun.
Alright, off you go down this steep tree-covered hillside on your homemade go-kart, after you just finished off that 12-pack. Don't forget, safety third!
by jwadsworth January 15, 2013
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Used to describe a situation where you feel like you're the last to hear about an event, a piece of interesting information, etc.
Man, Shelly's having one of her crazy strip costume parties THIS Saturday?? Man I got Paki intel on that and had no idea - I already made plans to go to see the Monster Truck Rally.
by jwadsworth May 03, 2011
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To reverse direction in an automobile by entering an intersection, veering right, and then tracing a path in the shape of an incandescent lightbulb, so as to result in the automobile re-entering the same street from which it originally entered the intersection, but now traveling in the opposite direction.
Man, we took a wrong turn, we're heading away from the strip club. Loop a bulb at this intersection - my girlfriend's on in ten minutes!
by jwadsworth May 03, 2011
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A woman who goes to a bar, gets really wasted, and meets some sleazy dude, and because she's wasted she thinks they have a great rapport, and she goes home with him and has sex with him, and wakes up confused, defiled, and ashamed.
Man, check out that Rappaport over there. I'm moving in, before the douchebag to her left gets her first.
by jwadsworth September 13, 2013
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