One of the nicest person you will ever meet. Anyone would wanna be friends with her. Shes pretty, friendly, and out-going. Her personality is what makes her so unique and great. Once you get to know her, you will never forget her.
Kid: That girl is so nice and friendly.

Other kid: I no! She must be a Raphaela.
by fksonkjo January 10, 2010
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She the realist bitch! No but really she's very nice. And has an outstanding personality which make her so unique and rare in a beautiful way. Plus we all know she a little freakyyyy.
Damnn Raphaela!! The lord has done you right!
by shy.raphie March 14, 2017
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A beautiful woman. Half Middle Eastern. A joy to be around. She likes sushi and has beautiful ears.
O shit that’s the beautiful Raphaela!!!
by Lolmhgafo January 16, 2019
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A gathering of lesbian children where pedos go to find kids

A place where hazel Hamill and lisa Berlin scream at each other
Ok wow Keith been around st raphaelas mate
No sounds coming out of there
by John double chin October 17, 2019
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sara caird goes here so it’s gay
ew sara caird she goes to st raphaelas
by joê mama October 17, 2019
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Raphaela is the sweetest, funniest and prettierst girl alive. Incredibly funny and makes you laugh everytime. Has a cold personality towards others, but a soft spot only for you. I love you.
*walking next to eachother*
Raphaela: Hey ... can you hold your food in the other hand?
Me: Yes of course.
Raphaela: *holds my free hand now*
Also Raphaela: *looks at the others* fuck off
by Wellitsme December 3, 2021
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The sluttiest nuns of south dublin. A bunch of weirdos that think they’re the shit. Fake north dublin accents are key
Guy 1: oh did you hear about that slut in Saint Raphaelas

Guy 2: sorry who
by thegdog October 27, 2019
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