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rape cat destroyer of worlds is one of the most fearsome and terrifying forces on earth. rape cat is several dozen feet tall and is nigh indestructible. most of the time he sleeps rolle din a ball in the sun, but once every few years, he goes on a terrible rampage, consuming entire cities and leaving the earth desolate and desecrated behind him. the streets run red with blood when rape cat come to town. during his reign of terror, rape cat never stops screaming swear words. every breath he takes is accompanied by a curse word so foul, that it would put a wounded pirate to shame.

if word of rape cat's awakening reaches your ears, find a deep dark hole, or start running very fast in the opposite direction
person 1- oh sweet zombie Jesus on a pogo stick!

person 2- what in shits name is the matter?

person 1- Rape cat is awake.

person 2- oh good glorious gods of the the Netherlands, hide me!

person 1- fuck you, i got no room left in my bunker.

person 2- oh noes, I'm gonna die!
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