A genre that nowadays integrates no singing ability, absolutely no musical talent, an ignorant tough-guy attitude, and a whole lot of strippers and such to make up for the above. It markets a "give me booty, beer, and a blunt" attitude to 12-16 year olds, and all sounds the same. Lyrical content always includes starting pointless "beefs" with other rappers, bitches and/or hoes, guns, drugs, "click", "grills", "my crew", shooting police, saying fuck, shit, or bitch every other word, etc. It's all-attitude and no substance. It's also the most popular genre in prisons. Whatever happened to Public Enemy, KRS-One, or any of that GOOD rap?
Lil' Jon, 50 Cent, and all that other crunk/"gangsta" rap bullshit. Music constitutes a Roland TR-808 doing the beat, a guitar riff or musical phrase stolen from another song (i.e. "Crazy Train", "Kashmir", etc.), some 9th-grade dropout putting "poetry" (with slurred speech and a loud, obnoxious voice) to a beat, and some dumb asses in the background shouting the last word in every verse (ripped off from punk music). Name-dropping your clothing line/record company at the end is a plus. Records are usually about 50% songs and 50% "skits" (i.e. Eminem).
by Joshsomeonestolemyname December 27, 2006
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A genre of music that used to be good but has gone down hill. It glorifies ppl who used 2 be criminals. For the most part it is about robbing people, violence towards women, and expensive things (cars, houses, champagne). It was good in the late 80's to the early 90's when groups like a tribe called quest, beastie boys, and run DMC where around, even Dr. Dre used to be good. But now ppl like Ludacris, TI, Chamillionaire, and 50 cent and his gang of Gay-Unit morons make money for having absolutly no talent watsoever. There still are some groups and rappers around today though that are still good though like Jurassic 5, Jedi mind tricks, Dl Incognito, and the Beastie Boys who are still goin strong
50 cent get rich or die trying, I wish he died trying.
Him and all these so called "gangstas" can go fist themeselves. Rap
by Deryk May 08, 2006
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A genre of music which involves steady beats and rhyming lyrics. Started in the early eighties and became popular with such groups such as Run D.M.C and Public Enemy. Then in the late eighties and early nineties a group named N.W.A. revolutionized the industry when they came up with ganster rap and released "Straight Outta Compton". From there the group spread creating their own groups and labels; Dr. Dre, perhaps the most successful leader of the group started "Death Row Records" with one of the greatest rappers ever, Tupac Shakur. After 2pac's death, Dre officially stated that the era of gansta rap was no more. Nearly every popular rapper on the west coast today is what they are thanks to Dr. Dre; 50 Cent, Eminem, and even The Game. The fact is that rap is not the same today as it was ten, fifteen years ago its changed to almost a complete different genre of music, for example: listen to "Eazy Duz It" and then compare it to "Red Tea" by Crime Mob. Completely different. Rap is generally listened by, but not limited to, African Americans but white people also listen to it as well, also not all African Americans like rap. It can go either way. The thing I hate are stupid ass rednecks and stuck up racists rockers who thinks rap is crap, the only reason they think that is through stereotypes and have probably only listend to a few seconds of some crappy stuff like "Get On My Level" or something by Fat Joe. If they actually sat down and listened to some N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Eazy, I'd guarantee they'd change their minds in an instant. All in all I hope that rap will continue to inspire and entertain us for many years to come.
It'd be a better world if we all listened to rap...
by The Real Definer November 04, 2005
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A genre of music that is stereotyped way too much.
There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between MTV Rap and true rap.
Crappy, artists like 50 cent, soulja boy, hurricane chris, D4L, Dem Franchize Boyz are all MTV rap artists. They have no real talent, their lyrics suck, and they have no vocal talent. Don't judge rap by these crappy acts, real rap takes skill and intelligence. True rap artists are, Rakim, Wu-tang Clan, Tupac, Gangstarr, Eminem, Chamillonaire, etc. They actually have lyrical talent, they are clever, and contribute to the hip-hop industry.
Rap can be broken down into sub-genres based on where it where it was created. Crunk,created in Atlanta, played through out the south. Chopped N' Screwed, originiated in Texas is when a DJ slows down a record and muxes it. Hip-Hop was born in NYC, Harlem, The Bronx, Brookyln, Queens, all have there fair share of rappers. Hip-Hop focuses more on the poetry aspect and is used to reflect live in an urban enviroment. Hyphy is from The Bay Area, Northern California. Oakland, Vallejo, San Jo, San Fran, Berkly, Richmond, etc. all part of the Bay. Hyphy is about going crazy and not caring what people think. Gangstar rap is from southern California, Los Angeles and Compton. It is more agressive and focuses on life in the hood. Chicago, Detroit, and other midwestern cities have contributed to rap as well. ******REMEMBER******** there are many many different types of rap, and MTV IS NOT RAP.
Rocker: Dude, I hate rap, they're just ghetto retards

Me: What type of rap you hate? And your probablly talking about Soulja Boy or Dem Franchize Boyz, have you ever listend to Rakim, Wu-tang Clan, or Tupac?

Rocker: There is more than one kind of rap? And who is Rakim?

Me: Exactly my point. You just focus on MTV mainstream rap, the same could be said for rock. There is more than one genre and MTV doesn't show you what true rock is, just like it doesn't show you what true rap is.
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
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NO ONE seems to have noticed that rap stands for Rhythm and Poetry like R'n'B stands for rhythm and blues like 'the who' not that crap that they abuse the termanology with nowadays. the main reason i dont like rap is they do what everyone else does but in a more blatant way and thats STEAL MUSIC/IDEAS but they steal whole songs/melodies. and 90% of posters seem to dislike it so i will stand up for it and say yeh i dont really like most of it but to say ne think is 100% shit is just narrow minded and stupid. i and yes i do like some rap (immortal tehnique) but the main reason is that i am a drummer and a musician and in rap they use alot of samples and mutilate the organic sounds , yah this is just evoloution of music but personally I think its treading on your roots a bit. so thats why i like hip hopbecause it is based in a lot more funky way and is less repetitive so nice one to the boys from j5 jurassic 5 and if you think rap is all negative check out de la soul and you all know three is the magic number and lets face it who doesnt like that song, so there you do like some rap.

take it easy and dont be sleasy and check out the oxford dictionary too.
a rap-"so if you dont respect yourself dont expect respect from any one else". Immortal technique (big headed tw@ but some nice rhymes)
by just like that May 08, 2006
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The stuff that you know that sucks, because 90% of urban definitions define it by "it doesn't suck" or "you don't know what real rap is!"
*rap fan listening to 50 cent*
rock fan: Hey dude, that shit sucks balls!
rap fan: No it doesn't! You never listened to real rap! Just because 99% of rappers suck, doesn't mean it sucks!
by HarrisonHill August 16, 2013
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A wonderfully creative form of music, that sadly, is on its way to ending up like hair metal of the 80's. There are a lot of similarities. Record labels find they can cash in on this new sound so they creat a formula of mainstream watered down shit. Every song and artist is not much different from the last. You're a p-i-m-p, I get it, ok, your gangsta, yes I know you gotta hustle baby, I've seen your mercades Escalades, lay off the cristal, enough with the girls' asses already, shut up about your goddamn grills!!! Crunk!? What fresh new hell is this? You know how the old "if it aint broke dont fix it" thing goes. I'm suprised rock fans can't see the paralells. Nu-metal, Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Avril Lavigne (didnt she appear on Nickelodeon? That's not hardcore...) crap rules the airwaves but definetly not the hearts of true rock fans, who prefer bands outside the mainstream who stay completly true to the music. I'm guessing. It's the same way with rap. Many who stuck by it in its infancy are appalled at the state its in now.Also, there are very talented and intelligent rap artists who are just sorta underground. If rap continues to be for the most part unoriginal, sooner or later, it WILL go the way of heavy metal, and be replaced in popularity by some other type of music, whatever that may be. It will be in the state rock is today: not quite dead but very weakened, its "artists" just getting lamer and lamer. K-Fed, anyone?
I used to listen to rap, but each song is just like the last one....and grills are retarded.
by h8theh8rs September 01, 2006
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