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Commonly used as a girl name. A Ranya is a person that brings joy to those who she chooses to surround her self with. everyone wants to be friends with a Ranya. Not to mention her body. Those with the name Ranya have a body of a goddess and is an amazing lover. If you ever meet a Ranya become close with her.
That girl ranya is such a good friend!!
I wish i could have a body like ranya
by bigZaddygeo March 30, 2018
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A girl that has a smile that will make any guy fall in love. She is self conscious however has a ridiculously hot body tht everyone wants. Her personality and mind is rare.If you are her friend consider yourself lucky because she is loyal. She is hard to get but if you get her heart that will be the best thing that will happen to you.
Who is that Ranya girl,she taken?
by Gang07 April 23, 2018
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A sexy ass arab girl that has a fat ass, a small waste, and perfect tits. Her face is pure perfection and people usually refer to Ranya as the prettiest middle eastern girl they've ever seen. Has black hair, big brown eyes, and hands down the easiest person to talk to. But no guy messes with her because they're all afraid of her older brother.
yoo i want a ranya
by eabgrhd March 22, 2018
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(noun) a girl who pretends to be modest but still flaunts her rediculously hot body
by brown^2 December 02, 2004
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