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An Assyrian Leader, and Or King

One of the quickest, best drivers in the world.
I wish i were as powerful as Ramsen

Man, I wish i could drive like Ramsen
by Annon December 25, 2004
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a word used interchangeably with perfection. typical male name derived from a great ancient culture. A curious kind of guy that never backs down and always believes in himself. A people person, loves being around others, always trying to impress. But not in a dull way, definitely not lame or shallow. Lives with a pure heart. if words could describe the pleasure he gives to others, a whole library would not be enough. loves attention, thrives on it. Many people wish they could be as perfect as he is, but it's just not humanly possible.
'OMG, did you see that guy he is such a Ramsen"

"This guy I saw at the mall soooo reminded of Ramsen. WOW! What a total Machine"
by mankmandrickson May 11, 2009
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