Because Cain was the first murderer in the Bible, having killed his brother Abel, people use the expression "raising Cain" to describe acts of violence, criminal activity, or any other mischievous acts.
Robert: Whatcha gonna do tonight?
Michael: Nothin' much. Guess I'll just be out raising Cain.
by Tina R. Collins November 11, 2005
What his parents apparently did an abysmal job of, if he grew up to be the murderer of his own brother Abel!
Juvenile delinquency may not currently be at an all-time high, but there are still multitudes of offenders --- lots of irresponsible parents still "raising Cains" out there!
by QuacksO January 8, 2023
raising Cain:

1. The act of raising or striking with a cane in anger.

2. Raising Cain from the grave, as in biblical times. (Cain and Abel brothers.)
1. Johnny was raising Cain.

Johnny was so hurt he began raising Cain. (Woke the dead.)
by Carolyn N. Holtzman July 9, 2006
A tactic by the television comedian Steven Colbert to demonstrate the stupidity of the 2012 Republican presidential primary process by encouraging democratic and independent voters (as well as Colbert-supporting Republicans) to vote for resigned candidate Herman Cain in the South Carolina open primary vote rather than any candidate then pursuing the Republican Party nomination.
As Stephen Colbert said, "If you like me, you're gonna love voting for Herman Cain." The word of the day: "Raise Cain!"
by Dub Deez January 18, 2012
Raising hell out on the town, usually going bar hopping or getting mischievous with friends
I still raise a little cain with the boys - King George
I raised a lotta cain back in my younger days - Merle
by Chaw179 March 7, 2023